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spooky tree
Milos Craft is a kid with problems. They’re not your average, everyday problems. He couldn’t care less who posted what on Snapchat. The thing keeping him up at night is his dead grandfather’s magic journal.
He discovered the journal in Grandpa Harbart’s dusty, cobweb-covered basement. The pages reveal what they want as if they have a mind of their own. Passages appear and disappear at the snap of a finger. But it’s not just how they appear—it’s what they tell Milos: secrets buried in his town of Haven Hill’s past, magic spells, and a warning about a rival wizard trying to resurrect a powerful cosmic creature his grandfather failed to stop.
Milos, along with his friends Derby—who is skeptical of magic—and Nathy—who has magical secrets of her own—must keep the dark wizard from carrying out his plans. That is if the magic journal he’s come to rely on as much as his grandfather is telling him the truth.
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